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In Maparoni, you organise locations and routes into collections. Each collection is represented as a document or file.
The starting point for collections where you provide the content. They are prepared for a use case and come with some pre-defined fields and presets. You can then modify everything at your will.
Each collection has multiple locations in it, which are either points, routes or polygons.
A field is a piece of data that’s associated with a location. It can be text, number, tick box, rating, and more. The collection defines what kind of fields every location in the collection can have.
A special field that can be used to create a link for each location.
Maparoni has its own simple expression language to combine and transform fields.
Presets let you organise the location in a collection, by applying filtering, sorting or grouping locations. They also let you create subtitles for each location, and define the *style* for how an location should be displayed on the map. Presets are defined on a collection.
A feed is a collection that gets its content from somewhere on the Internet, rather than you creating it manually.
Just like with other files, you can group collections into folders.
You can view multiple collections at once, as a meta collection. Presets can then use formulas that reference items in the other collection.