1. Fields
    1. Action
    2. Attachment
    3. Colour
    4. Checkbox
    5. Date
    6. Date & Time
    7. Formula
    8. Multiple-Choice
    9. Number
    10. Time
    11. Text
    12. Single-Choice
    13. URL


Similar to the URL field, but you can add parameters such as {latitude}, {longitude} and {title} to the URL string. Read more about this in the actions section.


Add one or more files to the location. So far only image files are accepted but this will be expanded in the future.


The colour field lets you select a colour.


A boolean yes/no or on/off switch.


Add a “Pet friendly 🐕” checkbox field to your cafe’s collection to record where you can bring your best friend.


The date field lets you choose a specific date from the calendar.


If you’re keeping track of places you’d like to visit in a “My Trips 🧳” collections, you can add a start and an end date to each of the locations. Fingers crossed that these dates won’t change 🤞.

Date & Time

This let you specify a date and time and the same time.


Select date and times for upcoming concerts you’d like to visit.


The formula field lets you add complex logic to infer values from other values. Read more about this in the formulas section.


Select one or more options out of a list.


Does your exercise activity 🏋️ repeat weekly? Add a multiple-choice field with the days of the week and select for each location which day it is on. Add multiple days if the activity is on more than once a week.


A number field can be either natural or with decimals.


If you are a devoted golfer 🏌️‍♂️, you can add the number of holes and the par of a golf court to a collection of your favourite golf clubs.


The time field lets you pick a time using the time picker.


Select a time for when your pilates class starts.


A text field which can either be a short single-line text or long multi-line text. Long text can be formatted using Markdown.


Need to do some deliveries 🚚? Add a short textfield with the name of your client and a long textfield to describe the products to be delivered. Adding another “done” checkbox gives you a great start in managing your customers and deliveries right on your map.


Select one option out of a list.


When you’d like to add the surface type to a collection of your favourite tennis courts 🎾, this field allows you to select one type only (eg. clay or grass).


Add a URL field when you’d like to add a link to your items.