What is Maparoni?

Create better maps together

Maparoni is an upcoming iOS and macOS app that re-thinks how we discover, manage and share our favourite locations and routes.

It is currently in public beta for iOS and macOS. Stay up-to-date via our Twitter and our forum.

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How does it work?

Maps meet tables

Maparoni treats your collection of favourite locations (and routes) like a table, which allows you to sort, filter, group and create beautiful map charts directly on your map.

Add Fields

Add custom fields to your location or route.

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Create insightful views with a powerful formula editor.

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Build Together

Invite friends and family to create collections together.

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Browse a growing gallery of collections to follow.

☣️ Covid-19 exposure sites in NSW

Recent Covid-19 exposure sites in NSW, Australia.

🦠 Covid-19 in NSW

Visualises the number of Covid-19 cases in New South Wales, Australia per postcode.

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Plus more…

Draw on the map

Draw directly on the map using Apple Pencil or your finger.

Your maps, your data

All collections are saved in the Files app. Sync and share using iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar.

Write your own formulas

Get creative with rich support for formulas and live previews of formula results.

Import your data

Open GeoJSON files, or import GPX files, to add routes, workout, hikes and other existing map data.

Subscribe to GeoJSON feeds

Subscribe to a URL of a GeoJSON feed, customise how to visualise the data, and have it auto-update.

Scripting & Automation

A variety of URL schemes to show and import data. Automate your collections with Pythonista, Scriptable, Shortcuts and alike.

Some more examples of what you can do:

The beta is here

Follow us on Twitter, to stay up-to-date on the public launch or download the public beta.

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