Geo Subscription

Maparoni let’s you subscribe to collections that live somewhere on the web.

If the collection is accessible via a URL directly and returns GeoJSON, then all you need is that URL, hit “Subscribe” in Maparoni provide that URL and you’re good to go. If a plain GET request is not enough or the collection is in a format like CSV or JSON, this guide will help you.

HTTP requests

To fetch the collection, you can customise the HTTP request as follows:

  • Add custom headers to the requests, e.g., to provide an API key or provide authentication
  • Pick between GET and POST requests
  • For POST requests add an optional POST body

These options can be done in Maparoni directly or by modifying the underlying “GeoSubscription JSON” file, described below.

Importing different formats

You can subscribe to collections in a number of different formats that Maparoni can import: CSV, GeoJSON, GPX, JSON, KML, XML. See the Import guide for details on how to do that. The UI will also let you validate if all your imports are valid and if the collection is imported as expected.