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What’s New

[Beta 1.0, Build 154] - 2022-08-09


Photo support!

  • New built-in “Photos” field or create your own custom “Annotation” fields
  • Add photos from your photo library, take a photo, pick from your files or add from a URL
  • Use the new photo(..) formula for your map style to show them on the map
  • Drag and drop support for photos
  • Parses GPS information from photos to place photos where they were taken

Maparoni for iOS now requires iOS 16, and gets:

  • iPad uses card-style for collection for full-screen map support
  • Desktop-class on iPad
    • Title menu for collections, and locations on iPhone
    • Editor-style toolbar, which now includes the “Organise” button
    • Inline search bar
  • Add “My Location” to iPhone’s add menu


  • Consistent map selection behaviour for annotations, overlays and map features
  • Removes support for dropping URLs and text on the map
  • Removes pencil button on iOS from map, now in navigation bar (only)
  • Auto-remove search result when deselecting search result


  • Prettier “Follow” (formerly “Add”)
  • Fixes publish info not always saved to file
  • Minor style tweaks of location details
  • Fixed some memory leaks

[Beta 1.0, Build 152] - 2022-07-16

New features for iOS 16 and macOS 13:

  • Added ability to select locations that are part of the map and not yet part of the collection, for quickly adding them.
  • “Standard” map style now uses Apple Maps’ new style
  • Simplified flow for sharing collections with collaboration options right in the share sheet


  • Big style update to the New Collection Wizard on macOS, in particular for feed collections that get their data from URLs
  • Added big “Follow” button to collections from the Gallery to inspector pane on macOS


  • Fix New Collection Wizard not creating new collections. (This was due to left-over debugging code. Sorry.)
  • Search on Mac now clears what you’ve typed when selecting a result
  • Search on Mac now longer replaced what you’ve typed when hovering over a result
  • Search on Mac no longer pops up again when switching collections
  • Don’t briefly show welcome screen on iOS when re-opening app
  • Fixed various issues on Mac where menu items and toolbar items were greyed when interacting with the inspector pane
  • Fixed collection list not reflecting selection when searching for a location that’s already in the collection
  • Fixed gallery collections not displaying on iPhone
  • Fixed all known crashers
  • Fixed some memory leaks

[Beta 1.0, Build 151] - 2022-07-11


  • Formulas: Allow calling .fill/.stroke/.cluster directly on a geometry
  • Formulas: Added pin(..., center), circle(..., center) and fixedCircle(..., center) variants that allow specifying a different center location rather than the one from the location.


  • Views: When using a list for the styles and some of them evaluate to nil, those are now ignored rather than being treated like an error.
  • Formulas: geometryValue is now nil-friendly, i.e., when using a JSON path that has a question mark in it. geometryValue will then return nil rather than an error.
  • Formulas: LineString(...), Polygon(...) and Position/2 are all friendly to nil values in the parameter list. If any parameter value is nil, these will now return nil rather than returning an error.
  • Formulas: LineString(...) and Polygon(...) can take a mix of positions and geometries


  • Fixed auto-completion pop-over on Mac showing when moving cursor around. Now it’ll just show after typing non-whitespace or pressing Esc.
  • Auto-completion pop-over now includes exact match, for quick access to documentation by pressing Escape
  • Fix auto-completion in partial formulas that use a ??
  • Fixes a crash when typing function(value)() in the formula editor
  • Fixes handling of viewing the formula of a preset and pressing “Done” without editing it
  • Style tweak for the “empty state” view on iPhone

[Beta 1.0, Build 150] - 2022-07-01

All new “New Collection” wizard:

  • Unified flow for adding new collection, with import and feeds on equal footing
  • Request importer auto-expands next section


  • Bump minimum versions to iOS 15 and macOS 12
  • Move Community to dedicated tab on iPhone with in-app browser
  • Remove support for dragging URLs onto list of collections
  • Address empty state on iPhone, showing a short “Welcome” message
  • “Feed” collections now also get a “New Field” button on locations


  • Improved state restoration on iPhone
  • Various styling and UX tweaks

[Beta 1.0, Build 149] - 2022-06-06


  • Much improved syntax highlighting and editing for the formula editor, by adopting Runestone.
  • Syntax highlighting is more robust, in particular when there are some errors or spreading formulas over multiple lines.
  • Editing auto-inserts closing brackets or string quotes, and auto-indents


  • Smoother state restoration on Mac and iPad
  • Fix card not updating when adding a search result to the collection by pressing “Add” button, potentially resulting in duplicates
  • Restore missing picker label on Mac
  • Robustness fixes
  • Fix very long CSV columns not fitting the pickers

[Beta 1.0, Build 146] - 2022-05-25


  • Add String.prefix and String.suffix formulas
  • Allow referencing data fields that have a dot in them, e.g., value("some\.name") to reference the field with the key "".


  • Fixes regression where you couldn’t add or edit fields anymore
  • Fixes fields marked as “title” not being named for the title of locations in Geo Feeds
  • Fixes issue where pasting an identical field would end up with duplicated keys; keys are now de-duplicated by adding a number, when pasting if there’s already an existing field with that key

[Beta 1.0, Build 145] - 2022-05-22


  • Search includes locations from within the collection
  • Allow searching for Plus Codes
  • Include “New…” option also during multi-location editing
  • Show how many locations are selected during multi-selection


  • Adjust state restoration to also restore whether file list and inspector was visible, and also the last used map position.
  • Style tweaks for search results autocompletion on macOS
  • Fix that ineligible search bar background colour on iPhone
  • Fix collection staying visible after creating and deleting it
  • Fix split-screen not working on iPad
  • Fix GeoSub content disappearing on subsequent file change after initial load
  • Fix paste action not being immediately enabled after copying a field (or preset)
  • Handle failure when trying to open a collection that’s not downloaded while you’re offline

[Beta 1.0, Build 144] - 2022-05-12


  • Maintain sorting of fields, where keys use underscores or camelCase
  • Show default fields in fields editor, so you can hide them
  • Show default fields in location details even if they don’t have a value yet
  • Importer robustness: More reliably detect GeoJSON content
  • Fix exporting while viewing multiple collections
  • Fix exporting multi-polygons and multi-linestrings as encoded polylines
  • Fix crash when using very large radii for circles on the map
  • Fix showing colours of non-editable colour fields in details
  • Fix where changes to subscriptions showed an “not modifiable” errors when they should be modifiable
  • Tweak formatting of non-editable numbers fields

[Beta 1.0, Build 143] - 2022-04-27 - Darwin


  • Indicate selection of routes and polygons on map
  • macOS: Add status bar


  • Move “Publish” inspector after “Presets”
  • Always show “Website” widget, even if none set yet
  • Various behavioural tweaks to managing presets, including allowing re-ordering, behaviour when deleting them, adding a “Make Default” context action
  • iOS: Add “Export As” also to share sheet for locations

Bug fixes:

  • Fix performance issues when viewing list of collections, being stuck at 100% CPU usage
  • Improve performance of initial load of list of collections, particularly on iOS
  • Fix issue where “Publish” inspector might mark a collection as not published even though it is
  • Fix issue of routes not being saved correctly after removing some parts
  • Hide emoji and colour pickers when location isn’t editable
  • Robustness fixes for iCloud documents that are in a conflicted state
  • iOS: Fix collection not re-opening after pressing back, then clicking the same one again
  • iOS: More padding between emoji picker and colour picker to make the former easier to tap
  • iOS: Save changes to title, emoji, notes and other text fields when pressing “Back” button before confirming by pressing “Done”

[Beta 1.0, Build 142] - 2022-03-26

A round of fixes:

  • Important fix for collection changes not saving reliably
  • Fixed some edits on location card on iOS not saving when navigating back before pressing “Done” or “Enter”
  • Deselect location from map after navigating back form location card on iOS
  • Workaround for list not calculating location height correctly
  • Minor style tweaks

[Beta 1.0, Build 141] - 2022-03-23

  • Share Extension improvements for iOS
    • Accepts shared files, in particular GPX and GeoJSON files
    • Also show nested collections, but exclude folders
  • File management improvements by
    • New context actions for adding new files/folders into a folder
    • Fix dragging multiple collections into a folder
    • Disable some Drag & Drop on Mac that were resulting in framework errors
  • Maintain “Additional data” expansion also when toggling between locations
  • Location editing fixes on iOS
    • Resign first responder when pressing “Done”
    • Make sure keyboard doesn’t cover the location card
  • Use text area for editing plain text, too
  • Add anonymised usage statistics, powered by TelemetryDeck

[Beta 1.0, Build 140] - 2022-03-13

Major new feature: Publishing

With a single click, you can now publish your collections to the web on Anyone with the link can then browse your collection – or add them to their Maparoni app or download it as GeoJSON. Details will follow shortly in a blog post. Stay tuned!


  • New GeoJSON-friendly Geometry formula type
    • Add geometry: Geometry constant
    • Rename Coordinate(..) to Position(..)
    • Add LineString(..) and Polygon(..)
    • Add geometryValue(String): Geometry formula
    • Add Style(Geometry) to get a style from a geometry (for colouring)
  • Formula enhancements
    • Add Color(Any) to get a random colour from anything
    • Extend value(String): Any to understand path expressions
    • Add style.cluster(Any) formula
  • Style tweaks for inspectors
  • [Beta 1.0, Build 139] - 2022-02-25

  • Tweak default zoom to be further out when selecting something in the list
  • Fix crash when selecting an item that’s in multiple groups (happened when grouping by a multi-choice field)
  • Fix crash when trying to use invalid GeoJSON transform (e.g., to Feature/FeatureCollection/GeometryCollection)
  • Enable automatic daily updates by default (macOS only)

[Beta 1.0, Build 138] - 2022-02-23

Multi-item selection and editing (macOS)

  • Location details have been moved from a pop-up to an inspector
  • Add multi-location selection and editing (so far for checkboxes, ratings, single-choice and multi-choice fields)


  • Allow moving multiple items at once (macOS only)
  • Add “BoundingBox” option when exporting GeoJSON
  • Add transform(String) formula to turn lines into polygons, polygons into bounding boxes, etc.


  • Remove “Show Organise Inspector” right-click on locations
  • Move Fields inspector into Info (i.e., Document) inspector
  • Remove item sharing on macOS (as exporting works better)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash when clicking internal link in User Guide
  • Moving items to a different collection is now more robust
  • Restore ability to right-click for a menu without first selecting (macOS)
  • Don’t show default value for colour/time/date fields when not selected, but rather have an “Set” button.
  • Don’t allow editing title/colour/emoji of search results

[Beta 1.0, Build 137] - 2022-02-16

Export options (macOS only):

  • Allow multi-item export (and deletion) by command-clicking
  • Option to merge polygons
  • Option to restructure GeoJSON

General tweaks:

  • Speed-up initial load
  • Dismiss location pop-up when scrolling list
  • Request/import editing: Disable fetch/parse buttons while in progress
  • Pass on more “Undo” action names
  • Various styling tweaks to the inspectors
  • App updates can now be installed in-app, thanks to Sparkle

Bug fixes:

  • Fix single choice looking like the first value is selected; add ‘None’ option, allow picking ‘None’, too.
  • Fix re-ordering available values of a ‘Choice’ field on iOS

[Beta 1.0, Build 136] - 2022-01-05

The focus of this build is on the behaviour of the formula editor:

  • Much improved behaviour for when the suggestions should show up, i.e., just in beginning, when typing a dot, or pressing Esc; and not as much when navigating the cursor or selection around.
  • Does not show an empty suggestions window, unless you press Esc to specifically bring it up.
  • Maintain previous selection in suggestions window when typing.
  • Provide partial completions for each possible case of a switch for textual values or formula results.
  • Provide partial completions not just for prefix but any sequential match, i.e., after a switch(title), typing .chw matches .case("Hello World") if there’s a location with the title “Hello World”.
  • Minor style tweaks, shrinking it to fit number of suggestions and applying tint colour to the selected row’s background.

Squashes a bunch or related bugs related to formulas:

  • Fix to the find/2 formula on long strings, which
  • Fix partial completions broken when there’s a range string (e.g., ..<)
  • Fix comparison of Strings to sub-strings, e.g., title[0] == "A"
  • Fix highlight after a closing bracket, e.g., switch(...).case(...)
  • Fix highlight of range expression within a case, e.g., switch(number).case(0..<50, ...)
  • Fix highlight of defaults keys such as title or name

And a few more related bug fixes for presets and fields:

  • Changing the formula for one part of a preset should keep it selected
  • Fix not being able to add a field for an “additional data” key
  • Fix available schemas missing formulas on GeoSubs
  • Fix undo/redo when changing saved presets

Various further improvements:

  • Rename “New Subscription” to “New from URL”
  • KML importer now guesses KML namespace from the XML content
  • Addresses a memory leak from the location pop-up on macOS
  • Style tweaks, in particular for the “New from URL” view

And, lastly, this build is compatible with macOS 11 Big Sur again. Please report any issues that you find on Twitter, in the forum or on GitHub.

[Beta 1.0, Build 135] - 2021-12-01

  • [New] Can now apply multiple styles to each item, by returning a list, e.g., [fixedCircle(5km), pin("")] would show a circle and a pin for each location.
  • [New] Experimental(!) “Index as…” option on collections to index them using a given id. This can then be used for efficient look-up from other collections using the new lookup(coordinate, 'index-id') formula. Note: This does not yet persist across restarts and only works for polygons.
  • [New] Exporting an item of a collection on Mac now brings up save dialog
  • [New] “Subscribe to URL…” button when creating a collection (#419)
  • [New] Templates can now include instructions, e.g., see the “Trips” template.
  • [Change] Add current location from a callout on the circle on the map, removing the dedicated “+” > “Current Location” option
  • [Change] Updated and simplified the look of the screen that pops up when moving a location to another collection (or using the add-* URL schemes) (#411)
  • [Change] In-line editing of location details (#409)
  • [Change] Exporting collections/views on Mac now works same as exporting entries (i.e., you select output format in the file picker, and have an option to simplify, too.)
  • [Change] Add to collection immediately when pin dropping on map
  • [Change] Don’t show route count when drawing or in location details; instead show aggregate length and area
  • [Change] Scripting collections (i.e., those that point at a non HTTP-URL) now get better help in the locations list if there’s no content yet.
  • [Fix] Various fixes for map animations, in particular for collections that mix polygons with pins.
  • [Fix] Fixes issue when dropping file on app icon (#410)
  • [Fix] Fixes issue where location details might stay visible when swiping to delete the location while its pop-up is visible
  • [Fix] Fixes an issue where local files might be missing in the hierarchy
  • [Fix] Pop-ups prompting for a name, now include a clear button
  • [Fix] Pressing ‘Done’ after having entered an invalid formula no longer deletes it.
  • [Fix] Sort subfolders same as root (i.e., folders first)
  • [Fix] Performance improvement by doing fewer reloads of folder items
  • [Fix] Allow deselecting last collection by command+click
  • [Fix] Style tweaks of files list (centered emoji; don’t fill folder icons; upload/download on side; adjust share info to be more like Finder’s)
  • [Fix] Style tweaks for Mac (especially for Monterey; native alerts)
  • [Fix] When drawing the colour of the colour picker, the colour on the map, and previously selected colours now stay in sync (#414)