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Maparoni is a flexible map app for macOS and iOS that brings the best of tables and maps together. It’s designed to create and share compelling maps, which are curated by real people, always stay up to date and can be viewed anywhere.

From sharing bird watching sights to creating a guide for the perfect pub crawl, Maparoni is only limited by our own imagination.

Step 1

Download the app

Start by installing the free beta app on your computer or iPhone. We currently don’t have a version for another operating system yet.

Download on macOS / iOS

Step 2

Create your first collection

Find a template that suits your needs, or start afresh, and add your own personal points of interest and/or routes.

Learn how to build your first collection

Step 3

Follow a collection

Find a public collection that has already been created. All you need to do is click on “follow” and you will always receive their latest updates.

Browse the gallery to follow a collection

Note that many of these public collections have dynamic content that can change from day to day or hour to hour. This makes Maparoni not just useful for collection locations and routes, but also for exploring live information.

Step 4

Get involved

Is something not working? Can we do something better? Let us know!

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