• Colour your neighbourhood

    Colour your neighbourhood

    Do you track your outdoor workouts with a GPS-capable fitness tracker, your phone or your smart watch? If so, you can use Maparoni to turn them into a nice artwork that shows how your tracks are colouring your neighbourhood.

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  • Beta for macOS now available

    The first public beta of Maparoni for macOS is now available. Head over to our Mac beta page for more details or, if you’re feeling adventurous, just download it.

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  • Hello World

    Hello World

    You are looking at the first step towards the release of our upcoming app named Maparoni; an app that is not a food app, nor is it Italian. However, it could be, and so could it be a travel planner, a covid hotspot indicator, a wildfires locator and a motorcycle routing guide. Maparoni represents map flexibility and discovery.

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