Hello World

Hello World

You are looking at the first step towards the release of our upcoming app named Maparoni; an app that is not a food app, nor is it Italian. However, it could be, and so could it be a travel planner, a covid hotspot indicator, a wildfires locator and a motorcycle routing guide. Maparoni represents map flexibility and discovery.

So how does it work? Maparoni treats your collection of map items such as saved locations and routes similarly to a table in a spreadsheet. Which means that you can add new fields and play with the extra data either to sort, filter, group or change their appearance. For example, if you have created a field with a number you can show the location on the map as a circle that grows bigger the bigger the number gets instead of a standard pin. Very handy to represent the number of covid cases in any particular area.

To share the knowledge and creativity of new map collections, users can share their collections and follow other people’s collections. Following another collection can also serve as excellent inspiration to find out what and how something can be built. Collections that are made public can be browsed inside the app but are also listed in the collection gallery.

With a bit of imagination, different routes (and locations) could look a bit like macaroni on a map, hence “Maparoni”. But as you might have noticed, since then it has been hard to stop there. We’ve named our company Corporoni, we’ve named this website staticaroni (for the nerds; because it’s a static website) and we’ve named our forum community Cheddar. On Cheddar you can ask questions, make suggestions and leave all other forms of feedback. We’re excited to embark on this journey and to listen and work with you so that we can learn how we can make this the coolest map app possible.

We’re expecting to release the first public beta in October/November 2020. Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.