Our Story

It was a cold morning on a breezy winter day, when Adrioni and Rubinio were storming their brains on how maps could be done better.

“I should not only be able to collect places, but also the routes I want travel along one day.” Adrioni expressed eloquently in Italian. It wasn’t really in Italian, but it could’ve been if he had learned to speak it.

“Yes!”, Rubinio replied. “Me too! And wouldn’t it be nice if we could work on these collections of map stuff together?”

“And what if we could add custom fields to these places and then we can filter and do all sorts of cool stuff?” Adrioni wondered out loud.

Adrioni was on fire. “With all these places and routes placed on a map, it almost looks like macaroni!”

And so, the name of our new app, was born.

Who We Are


Adrian "Adrioni" Schönig


Adrioni wrote code before he could walk.


Ruben "Rubinio" Rekker


Rubinio puts the “oh” into “oh that looks great!”.