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Introduction to Maparoni

Maparoni let’s you collect, organise and explore geographic information. You can create collections that you populate with your own content, or you can create collections that get their content from an external data source.

Use Templates

When creating a collection that you’ll fill with content yourself, you can start with a template. You can add locations to your collection by searching for them, dropping pins, or drawing routes on the map. The template comes with different fields which define what kind of data is attached to each item. This might be a star rating, a date when you’d like to visit it, a choice of what type of restaurant it is, and so on.

Get Organised

Organise your collection by applying filters, sorting or grouping – depending on the different fields. You can also change how each item is displayed on the map and in the list, e.g., as a pin with the flag of the country where it’s located, or as a circle representing the magnitude of an earthquake.

Getting Started

One of the easier ways to get started is to follow another collection and understand how they are built. Navigate to the gallery in the app to browse publicly shared collections that you can follow. Press “Add” to save the collection to your “My Collections” list. Alternatively, browse our website for public collections to follow.

Note that many of these public collections have dynamic content that can change from day to day or hour to hour. This makes Maparoni not just useful for collection locations and routes, but also for exploring live information.