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Share your Collection

Sharing your collection with others allows you to work on a collection together or to make your collection privately or pubicly available and get followers.

We are working on a more integrated sharing experience, but in the meantime you can share collections through (native) file sharing services such as Files and iCloud.

Inviting someone to your collection

Press the share icon on your collection to bring up the menu with sharing options. Find the “Share File in iCloud” button in the list below. It should send a link.

Note: Be mindful that selecting a contact from the top of the menu will only send the collection as a file to this person instead of inviting this contact to your collection.

Accepting an invite to a collection

After you’ve received a link to a collection from a contact, ensure to save the incoming Maparoni file in the “Maparoni” folder inside the “iCloud Drive” folder using the Files app. If the Maparoni file is not saved in this location, it will not show up in your “My Collections” list in the app.

Sharing a location

You can also share individual locations, e.g., to send them as a meeting location to a friend. In this case only the name and coordinate of the location are shared.