Locations and routes that are saved on your map are grouped together in what we call “collections”. You can add and remove as many locations or routes to a collection as you wish, which are both placed on the map and listed on a card below (or to the side, depending on which device you are looking at).

Creating collections

You can create a new collection by pressing the “+” button in the “My Collections” section. In here you have the ability to choose a template or if you’d like to start afresh you can choose the empty “blank” collection.

Editing collections

Open a collection to find “Tap to Edit” underneath the title, or “Inspect” on iPad and macOS. In here you can make modifications to your collection, such as renaming it or adding fields (more on that later).

Removing collections

In the “My collections” list, swipe left on any of the collections to reveal the “Delete” button that will remove the collection. There’s also a “Delete” action in the context menu (long-tap the collection on iOS, or right-click on macOS).

Adding locations or routes

Tap and hold on the map to drop a pin or press the “+” button in the top right on the iPhone to either search for a location or draw a route on the map. On iPad and macOS you can find a “Search” button.

Discover new collections to follow

One of the easier ways to get started is to follow another collection and understand how they are built. Navigate to the gallery in the app to browse publicly shared collections that you can follow. Press “Add” to save the collection to your “My Collections” list. Alternatively, browse our website for public collections to follow.

Note that many of these public collections have dynamic content that can change from day to day or hour to hour. This makes Maparoni not just useful for collection locations and routes, but also for exploring live information.

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